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Usejump 0.10.4 is coming Usejump version 0.10.4 is ready to download, it's still in beta and we need your feed back to improve it for alpha release, please post your comment and feedbacks on twitter, buzz, facebook or send...


Usejump for Mac OSX Usejump for Mac OSX is out, finally!!, you can download it from http://beta.usejump.com/usejump.dmg , we like to hear about problem and bugs please do send your feedback to us to make it better to run...


Usejump for Linux and Mac We are working to Build stable version of Usejump for Linux and Mac Linux is almost ready and needs some beta testers, if you like to give a try please leave us a comment and we will send you download...


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Who We Are?

We are a group of passionate programmers, IT specialists and geeks from around the globe who love freedom and believe in the right of uncensored access to the Internet for everyone with respect to user privacy.

We are committed to open platforms and trying to provide our software and products for free.

We think about the web as a wonderful platform of the future. Usejump is designed to be a browser to utilize this platform.

We have no connection with any government, political party or company and we like to remain independent and only get support from our users or those who have the same idea like us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.